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Here is a hilarious compilation of the infamous Kulikitaka challenge on TikTok.

From Facebook to Instagram, or from YouTube to Twitter, there are always going to be people who do silly things to try get famous on social media by having their videos go viral!

Challenges these days have got a really negative connotation, especially on platforms like TikTok where its reach is insanely high. The structure of the social giant is suited for videos to easily go viral and even encourage people to copy them.

But it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to TikTok challenges, some are rather innocent, and others are so ridiculous that it makes them quite hilarious! Much like the new viral Kulikitaka challenge. Nowadays, if you just open up TikTok, there has to be at least one Kulikitaka challenge.

The Kulikitaka challenge usually involves two people or one person and one animal. The idea is to creep-out either someone or an animal, like a dog. The song starts off with a few beats to which the prankster raises a left elbow, then the right, then the right knee, and then when the fast pace tune comes in, they run towards the pet or person getting pranked and the result is quite funny, to say the least!

Take a look at the YouTube video below titled, BestTikTok Compilation.

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