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Yes, you filthy-minded animals, TikTok has a 'do you wanna bang' prank that isn't what you think it is.

Imagine walking up to your better half or, even better, a complete stranger, and asking them if they want a bang. What do you think the answer would be?

Well, this scientific (not really) social experiment is an eye-opener. Full disclosure; there are some staged clips in this TikTok compilation, but the rest is pure gold!

The premise is simple; walk up to someone, either a stranger or your better half, and ask them if they wanna bang. The joke, though, is that you're offering them the energy drink called 'Bang'.

Needless to say, the responses are varied and, sometimes, hilarious. Often, and perhaps embarrassingly for the prankee, the answer is awfully sexual. Which, let's be honest, is terrific!

Others, though, are funny in their own right. Like the ladies who immediately respond with "I have a boyfriend". Regardless, really, if that's the truth or not. Also, the pure disappointment on some of their faces when they realise they're only getting an energy drink is priceless.

Other classics are the ones who immediately say yes to a complete stranger. When they realise the prank, they must, possibly, leave red-faced. And, probably, hornier than before the interaction.

Needless to say, this prank is hilarious. Yes, most of these end as soon as the camera shuts off, but can you imagine those who both drink the Bang and, well, bang...

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