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An audience had just finished watching the Conjuring 2 movie at a warehouse screening, however, they did not know they would be part of a conjuring prank.

After the movie had finished, some audience members were asked to be part of an interview about the movie but they were not aware that six hours earlier the so-called 'interview' room had been transformed into a conjuring two-way mirror scene.

Producers of this prank, had set up a drywall partition with a two-way mirror and two ghostly looking nuns. 'Victims' were asked to wait in the room while the prank was being set up. The pranksters would wait for the people to look into the mirror before turning it into a two-way mirror where a nun would essentially 'pop out' and then again appear in the room just like the movie scene.

This is excellent – have a look at the video for a good laugh!

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