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Be amazed by the astounding things humans can do, with the top 100 People Are Awesome videos of 2019.

If we are honest with ourselves, we have to agree that most of the human population have two left feet. Some have more coordination than others, but very few are truly special. That's why sports stadiums have more spectators than players.

The video below is a showcase of just 100 examples of people being awesome. In this case, most of them aren't famous sporting celebrities, but they show abilities that defy logic. Sometimes they even defy physics.

This video is a testament to those of us who are willing to work hard, to train every day and be fearless in the face of adversity. Some of these clips showcase insane flexibility, many display extreme talent, and others are utterly death-defying.

It's time to appreciate these individuals as we enjoy the Top 100 People Are Awesome videos of 2019.

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