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For most people, summer is their favourite time of year! The idea of summer conjures up images of the beach, denim shorts, summer fashion, tanning and parties!

But, like every season in the year, summer can have its quirks – and sometimes it can ruin that fun summer experience!

We don't want that to happen, so here are 10 summer life hacks you should know before you jump into summer fun!

1. How to help with beach sand sticking to your whole body (and subsequently everything in your beach bag) with baby powder!

2. How to disguise your valuables so nothing gets taken while you're dipping your toes in the ocean!

3. How to protect your smartphone from all the sand, water, sun and drinks by the beach!

4. How to make use summer to give you some natural hair highlights!

5. How to use cupcake cases to protect yourself from that annoying, sticky sensation left behind by your icy popsicle or any other beach snacks!

6. How to protect your drinks from the sunshine and high temperatures and keep them ice cold!

7. How to keep a nasty sunburn away with aloe vera ice cubes!

8. Summer brings about mosquitoes – learn how to get them away before they ruin your newly tanned glow! 

9. How to make the perfect beachside ice cream!

10. How to make some awesome, multicoloured beach snacks to match your beach ball!

So, if you're a person who loves summer, give this video a watch to make sure you have the perfect sunny experience!

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