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This dog went viral for eating watermelon. But it's not just the fact that he's eating the watermelon, its the strangely human-like way he is eating it. Normally dogs just wolf things down and its as if they barely chew but when it comes to watermelon, this pupper looks like he is savouring every bite! We aren't so sure why it's so fascinating to watch but it's pretty cute!

He gently uses his front teeth and patiently takes off little chunks like a true gentleman. We almost expected the dog to sit back and say "... Thank you, that was delicious and I enjoyed it very much!" I will definitely dine here again."

Of course, once the video went viral, everyone tried to feed their dogs watermelon with somewhat mixed results, some polite little doggos and a lot of... savagery with not that much watermelon left over!

We can even hear the commentary for these videos: one of the most ferocious sets of teeth in the animal world gently scrapes her teeth through an already thin slice of watermelon. Once it’s almost ready to fall off, then and only then, will she take a proper yet still gentle bite.

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