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Dogs are like children. We cherish them, adore them, and try to capture every moment with them. Okay, so maybe its a little easier than being a mother of a human which includes getting up in the middle of the night and occasional tantrums.

You can spot a dog mom by the photo gallery filled with unnecessary photos of their dog. Let's be honest, the majority of us are guilty of this because of course our dogs are the most beautiful things alive.

We spend hours trying to make our fluff balls sit still for just a minute to take a photo of them. Just one in that perfect position with their head to the side or even a sneaky sleeping photo but these are very few and far between. It's mostly a combination of blurry fur and the owner's hand attempting to keep the pup still.

These owners, by some miracle, managed to catch their dogs in the perfect moments and the most hilarious ones. Check out the best pup Snapchats below!

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