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There is a new challenge taking over the internet, possibly the best one yet, and it involves bamboozled doggos. Its called "What the Fluff" and all you need is a blanket, a doorway and a cute dog. Hold the blanket up in front of you while your dog is watching then drop the blanket as you hide behind the door – your dog's reaction will be the literal depiction of "what the fluff".

It's basically the greatest game of peek-a-boo of all time, quickly racking up millions of views over thousands of videos of the "What the Fluff Challenge".

Some not-so-smooth owners weren't quick enough to fool their doggo, leading to a very sarcastic look, while others even ran into the door. Avid dog bamboozle fan and Twitter user, Josh Odyssey, analysed the videos and revealed the secret to success: ‘I’ve looked through a number of these #WhatTheFluffChallenge attempts & you seem to be the only one who has done it properly,’ he wrote in response to one of the most popular clips.
1. attentive and focused dog 🐶
2. having the blanket cover you and the doorway
3. showing your head above the cover & disappearing at intervals. 👏’.

BUT it doesn't end with the blanket trick, some owners even managed to bamboozle their dogs with disappearing treats. Check out the videos for the cutest reactions.

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