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Dogs love to chew and play. Sometimes they take the liberty of entertaining themselves with the furniture, pillow, shoes and even toilet paper. I mean, if you don't find a whole roll of toilet paper unravelled throughout your house, do you even really have a puppy?

Unfortunately (or fortunately for us) dogs aren't the best liars and the guilt is written all over their sweet little faces. When they give you that cute little guilty look and nervous tail wag, it's hard to be angry for long. One way to deal with the problem is to name and shame. Hence the recent trend called "dog shaming".

Playing tug of war with Moms bra will always end up in two pieces and, somehow, dogs can even manage to trash a whole room. The weird things our furry canine friends manage to eat will always baffle their owners but, one piece of advice from a poor owner is: DO NOT leave a tub of Vaseline within your dogs reach. It is not a slippery slide you want to experience!

And then there's Denver, the Guilty Dog, a compilation of one Labrador's best moments, and his smile is pure gold! Check out the videos below for some proper dog-shaming moments!

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