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There is something so innocent and sweet about dogs playing in the snow that just makes anyone smile. I mean, dogs always make us smile but dogs in the snow just seem to be ten times better. Whether they aren't the biggest fans of getting their little paws cold or they just adore getting covered in fluffy white powder, everyone deserves to see this!

Their silly faces remind us of when we were kids and got excited about something for the first time, that kind of innocent pure joy is hard to find. Even the brownest of dogs turn white as the snow sticks to their fur, making you love every second of your snow day. Sometimes our doggos pay more attention than we think and join in on the snow angels and even sledding down the hills.

These dogs are just loving life and their puffy winter jackets and shoes sometimes mean that they have a better dress sense than their owners! What kind of weather does your pup enjoy most?

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