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There is nothing quite as great as having a long, hard day at work and getting to come home to your dog who will always be excited to see you, no matter what!

Dogs never fail to bring a smile to our faces with their silly antics or just general happiness about life. This inane ability to make humans smile means that there have been countless movies featuring dogs using every possible concept you could think of: Talking dogs, loyal dogs and even superhero dogs. The new Ken Marino movie called Dog Days is no different which features a pug, a giant Labradoodle and a Chihuahua wearing a pink vest and helmet. Is there even a better combination to create the perfect romantic comedy?

The mismatched characters in the movie are brought together by the fact that they all see the same vet. The main characters include Elizabeth (Nina Dobrev) ,a heartbroken morning-show host ; barista Tara (Vanessa Hudgens), who’s so taken with Dr. Mike (Michael Cassidy) that she doesn't notice the coffee–shop regular Garrett (Jon Bass) who is trying to pursue her; and an irresponsible garage–band frontman Dax (Adam Pally), who is roped into looking after his pregnant sister's dog as she goes in to have her baby.

With a little comedy added to the mix and the character's dogs tying the stranger's lives together, it might just tug on your heartstrings a little! In honour of Dog Days, check out the video below for some of the funniest Tumblr posts about our furry friends that will no doubt leave you smiling like an idiot!

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