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When you're younger, let's admit, sleepovers are super predictable. 

Girls have their pjs on, a romantic boy-girl movie, some chocolates and perhaps a pillow fight.

Guys basically just sit around trying to act more like guys.

But that can get so boring! Come on! Where are the games?

Well, you can't play them when its just boys or just girls. After all, who wants to play spin the bottle when there are no guys around to kiss?

Oh, wait a second... YOU DO!

Being at a same-sex sleepover when you're secretly gay is like a pretty torn love-hate relationship. You love it because you finally get to see someone of the same sex undressing, telling secrets, sleeping close...

But you hate it because all girls want to talk about is boys, and all boys ever want to talk about is girls!

Here's a hilarious depiction of what it's like to be gay at a sleepover!

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