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Festivals are normally overpopulated music concerts that last a few of days. People tend to camp in the open field overnight. Much drinking takes place and has also been known to create situations in which many people take drugs too. It involves many music acts and people generally dress up and all look the same. There is also a lot of neon colour and a ton of glow sticks lying around, as well as piles of vomit everyone is careful to dodge.

Festival-goers will try to dance, most just look like they are trying to hold in a fart while gyrating like sugared-up toddlers. There will be a crowd of 1000s of very sweaty people jumping together who will eventually become best friends, just to never see each other again after the festival.

The combination leads to pretty strange behaviour at the best of times. I mean, dancing around a toy unicorn can't be normal... right?

Watch the video below and let us have your thoughts!

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