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This girl has straight up talent! Not only can she do a sick winged eyeliner, she can also make her face look like its been split in half. Yep, I know, right!

From pretty to creepy in a matter of seconds, Mimi Choi is a 31 year old makeup artist who specialises in illusionist creations, reaching famedom for her "shifted face" makeup. She quit teaching to pursue her passion for makeup and illusion, and can take up to 5 hours to complete one piece.

Her Instagram page might give you nightmares, and she claims to only use makeup to create these illusions, no Photoshopping what so ever! Many of her illusions have been inspired by Salvadore Dali's work. Not only does she do melting faces and creepy long tounges, she also paints tiger faces but not your standard kiddy face painting kind of tiger, nope, this thing literally looks like it might jump out of her face!

Once she perfected her art, she decided to share it with the world and now even holds classes in Vancouver.

What do you think of these faces made from nightmares? And, if that's not enough, watch the second video below for an interview between Ellen and illusion makeup artist, Dain Yoon.

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