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See how makeup transforms adult film stars from meh to meow!

All girls worship the power of makeup (not that they need it) and even men know all about it without realising it. Adult film stars are amongst some of the most glamorous women of all. Don't believe us? Check out these pictures showing pictures of famous adult film stars in all their natural glory and then after they have been all glammed up. You wouldn't believe their sultry transformation.

The combination of natural beauty and the excellent skills of the makeup artist, the transformation from girl next door to glam adult star will wow you! Megan Rain basically transforms into Dita Von Teese with bold red lipstick and a sleek wavy bob and Uma Jolie's mesmerising baby blue's are popping with a bit of smokey eye.

The whole trend of showing adult film stars without makeup was started by makeup artist, Melissa Murphy, who has been a makeup artist for the last 8 years and takes pride in posting her works of art on Instagram. After the first batch of photos went viral, she decided to continue with her before and after photos of everyone's favourite adult film stars. The exposure has led to many women outside the adult film industry booking her to do their makeup for weddings and events.

Many women have also reached out to Murphy asking for makeup tips so she has decided to start her own YouTube channel for makeup tutorials.

Don't pretend you haven't a clue as to who these glam ladies are... not to worry though, your secret is safe with us!

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