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Unfortunately, bullying has become an increasingly serious issue in our society that contributes to the depression, pain and even suicide of kids. So many people have spoken out against it and who better to appeal to kids o be kind than Pixar? Kids love cartoons and its a great way to get their attention, not to mention that the result is adorable and well put together.

It starts off with a bully ruining recess for all the kids by stealing their toys but,the Lost and Found box, called Lou, isn't having any of it and decides to teach the bully a lesson. Lou decides to take the unkind behaviour into his own hands, forcing the bully to give all of the stolen toys back to the other kids, teaching him that true joy comes from giving.

The director of the film, Dave Mullins, explained the movie by saying: "You either feel invisible because you don’t know the other kids or you’re embarrassed and you want to be invisible. I thought it’d be really cool to have a character who could hide in plain sight. Bullies are usually just acting out because they’re awkward or young and don’t have their moral compass set. In a weird way, they sometimes feel invisible, too,” Mullins says. “If you can find out what their motivations are, maybe you can solve some things. That’s what I like about Lou: True happiness comes from giving, Lou gets J.J. to understand that."

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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