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Most parents aren't actually bad parents, they're just real parents.

Well, these folks definitely kept it real and didn't fail to see the humor in these situations with their kids. They even managed to laugh when their little one took a face plant... after checking they were ok, we hope. Dads buying clothes for their little ones can get quite interesting as they are generally not the fashionista's they think they are – from Santa peeing to silver leather clothes, these kids definitely got some attention for their new threads, or lack thereof. Even worse, mixing up pajama day and picture day, but they both start with a "p", so easy mistake – right?

Kids can be pretty creative if left for their imaginations to run wild. It may not always be appropriate but they can also be too literal and mistake a showroom toilet for a real one. Try explaining that one to the salesman... aaaand, then the manager.

Just be careful what you do/say because kids tend to copy anything from the zap sign to song lyrics, often with hilariously inappropriate results!

The main question is – do I help first, or take a picture and share it with the world...

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