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Ever had that moment when you are trying to talk to someone but your English and speaking abilities just seem to disappear and you end up just saying: "Um....umm...the thing...you know what I'm talking about!" Well these kids could not just stop at "the thing" so they created their own descriptions which turned out to be absolutely epic and we should probably rename everything now!

These kids might go on to be the next Stephen King or at least get to discover a new kind of animal to name it something epic. A couple of days ago, author Tessa Dare shared the description her friend's daughter used to describe a crow. Halloween eagle. "And a child shall lead us. It is known," Tessa tweeted. "This is the new name for the bird-formally-known-as-crow. You know what to do, Merriam Webster."

Of course, this sparked a tsunami of creativity and other parents joined in commenting some interesting descriptions that their children have used which is why we shall now re-name the rhino, "battle unicorn" and ravioli, "pasta pockets".

Are you ready to take a look at the dictionary of a child?

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