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Date: 2018-09-28

HiHo is a YouTube Channel that features kids reactions to all sorts of strange and wonderful things such as trying fried sandwiches, molecular gastronomy, strangely flavoured ice-cream, fermented foods and much more.

Another part of the YouTube channel is called "Kids Meet", this feature is all about kids meeting and talking to special people, such as people who have Alzheimer's, plastic surgeons, terminally ill, fire burn victims and much more. The Channel has racked up almost 2 million subscribers and its no surprise given these 6-year-olds and up can really surprise you with their wit.

This episode features 'kids try bugs' wherein many cultures this a prized delicacy and can reach higher prices than meat. Crickets, the most commonly farmed insects, have a smaller environmental footprint than beef. But when fed with poultry feed and kept alive with the help of an energy-intensive heating system, their environmental footprint may be on a par with chicken. So what do you say? Insects as a meat substitute?

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