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Is Rich the Kid dead, high or just quitting the music industry.

Rapper, Rich The Kid, has sent his fans into panic as he wiped his Instagram account and left only one cryptic message. It all started with a video in which Rich the Kid was slamming his label, 300 Entertainment, which then went viral. In the video Rich The Kid said, “Listen, you gotta let me out of this contract. I don’t want to be with ya’ll no f-king more. I told ya’ll … giving this money back. I don’t want to be with ya’ll label no more. Ya’ll suck, ya’ll is trash. Listen, young, independent artists, do not sign with 300 ENT. They’re the worst, worst label, ever… Lame a- sh-t.”

In mid-June, Rich The Kid was robbed and had a gun held to his head at his girlfriend, Tori Brixx's house. Both of them were hospitalised for their injuries and a photo of the rapper in a hospital bed later surfaced on Instagram. The LAPD was handling the investigation. After his video rant about his label, Rich The Kid completely wiped his Instagram account on the 31st of July, leaving only one tweet that read, "R.I.P. Rich the kid 1992-2018." The caption underneath this mysterious picture was possibly more concerning as it read, “Thank u all my fans and family for everything”.

Although it's doubtful that the rapper has passed away suddenly, there is speculation around his name change that would indicate he has gotten out of his record deal... but could this be the end of his music career?

Rich The Kid still has a Twitter account but he has not been active on Twitter since July 29. He ended some of the panic around the rumours of his death with a tweet on the 31st of July that said "Im alive. I was real high last night sorry. I love y'all".

However, it's unclear as to whether the post was referring to his record deal, music career or if it was simply a nonsensical message. There has been no further information regarding his contract with 300 Entertainment.

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