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If you are an experienced horror film junkie, you don't take things all too seriously but... inexperienced horror filmgoers have had far more intense reactions. Not just jumping at the scare scenes or occasionally covering their eyes, I'm talking full–on fainting, shaking or even puking.

These movies are pretty scary but their premiers stirred up some intense reaction from the audience. The Exorcist is very old but it also became the pinnacle of scary movies. It was the first horror film that reported people fainting in the cinema.

Goodnight Mommy tells the story of a woman who comes home after facial reconstructive surgery and seems to be a different person. The film mainly consists of psychological suspense but a few scenes do tend to get a bit gruesome.

Forget Zombies! Bite is a movie in which humans get bitten by insects who then actually then turn into insects, which was premiered at the Fantasia film festival in which an ambulance had to be called.

All Saw movies are the epitome of violence and gore but the 3rd movie was reportedly the worst as emergency services were called three times during the movie to attend to people who had fainted.

Raw was one of the most realistic cannibalistic horror films in which viewers claimed that the effects were too real and that it looked as if the actors were chewing on actual human flesh. Another cannibalistic film, Green Inferno, features a group of activists that crash in the middle of a jungle and get captured by a cannibalistic tribe who mutilate their bodies and eat people alive.

As if the first one wasn't bad enough, The Human centipede 2 caused one viewer to fill two vomit bags AND faint. What makes it worse is that it is actually based on a true story!

Have you seen any horror movies that are particularly scary lately? Let us know in the comments below.

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