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The Joker is back and this time, he will be the star of the show! Warner Bros. has announced yet another DC Extended Universe project.

The movie remains unnamed but it will be a stand-alone feature from the rest of the DC movies. Even though it will star Jared Leto (who will also executive produce), the flick will be a separate depiction than that of the Joker in the 2016 Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad's Joker played more of a supporting role and fans complained that the character was "predictable and unexciting". The character will have the main role in the new movie and will lay the foundations for future Suicide Squad spinoffs. Producers were honing in on Harley Quinn's character even before Suicide Squad was produced so it is possible that this will also be developed into a stand-alone movie.

DC and Warner Bros. attempted to mimic the Marvel's strategy trying to build its cinematic universe by including characters in individual films, then building to a big crossover story. However, DC hasn't been as successful as Marvel and their crossover movies like Batman vs Superman was somewhat of a flop until Justice League was released. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, hit the nail on the head for DC, earning as much as Batman vs Superman even though less money was poured into the marketing of the movie. It also had a smaller overall budget yet still became a fan favourite.

However, DC is looking to move away from the idea of all of the DC universes being connected to create completely separate movies and characters that won't be influenced by previous DC films. Warner Bros. announced that Margo Robbie's character, Harley Quinn, would be getting her own movie, Birds of Prey, which will be released before the Joker's origin movie. Waner Bros. assured fans that the stand-alone Joker movie would not mean that the character would be axed from the DC movie universe but that it would create a separate universe in which multiple actors and stories around the same character could come to light without the DC movies becoming repetitive.

Warner Bros. have not announced the date that the film will be in production as the team is still looking for a writer.

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