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There's nothing more important than a first impression. Knowing that fact means A LOT of pressure on the first date. What you wear, what you do and what you say can and will be the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not you'll see that poor soul again. 

So, with that in mind, you NEED to be prepared! Not only do you need to pick out the perfect outfit, rehearse every line you're going to say and pick out the perfect restaurant... No, no. That's the easy part.

Before a first date you need to pull some government intelligence shit and find out EVERYTHING there is to know about this person. Because no one wants to make a joke about something being "retarded" and then find out your date's brother actually is. Awkward. 

But when a friend surprises you with a first blind date? PANIC. This calls for drastic measures!

Watch the video to see the most awkward first date ever... learn to be prepared folks. 

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