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So, when you go on a date, it's usually to move on from your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend – right?

Well, maybe. But what if you had your ex controlling your entire date? 

In this video, a man goes on a date with a girl picked out by his ex-girlfriend. This may not be the worst idea... If you've dated before, you end up knowing quite a lot about a guy, so she might just pick the perfect girl.

During the whole date, the man wears an earpiece while his ex-girlfriend is in the back talking to him through a walkie-talkie. He has to promise that he will listen to everything she says, and do everything she tells him to do. 

That may also be a good thing. Why? Because girls do know what other girls want to hear better than boys do. So, the ex-girlfriend could make this date a lot more successful than it would have been if he was alone. 

But she holds all the power and, let's be honest ladies, it's gotta be a little tempting to completely embarrass you ex-boyfriend and ruin his entire date with this new girl. She's got to have a lot of self-control not to do just that!

So, what decision will she make? Will she play cupid and give this guy a fighting chance? Or will she get the ultimate revenge?

Watch the video and find out!

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