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The stories claim to be true, we hope they aren't because they are so disturbing. This is partly a scary story and also to warn those who often post photos on Instagram of themselves with a little too much information about their lives. Please remember that anyone is able to use this information against you and most importantly DO NOT post anything that might allude to your house address. Also, accepting requests from people you don't know is a lot more dangerous than you think. You are not invincible and you are not immune to danger!

These horror stories are far too relatable and realistic for comfort and we may even be guilty of some of these without even realising it! This person definitely learned their lesson: "Back in the day, on one of the first social media platforms, my friend became friends with this random guy (because that's what we did). He then found me through her top friends and friended me. I accepted. A week or two later, I started receiving strange text messages, phone calls to my parents' house, and physical letters... Yes, the ones in the mail! The messages would be anything from a friendly 'how are you' to a 'hey is that you walking to your car?' The creepiest part was that it WAS me! Eventually, everything stopped, but to this day, I have NO idea who this person was. I definitely learned my lesson about posting too much personal info online."

Things can quickly get out of hand...

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