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Date: 2018-10-30

The new Halloween was a big hit, going to No 1 over its opening weekend and had the 2nd biggest opening out of all horror movies.

Halloween, as you know, contains one of the most iconic villians in movie History.

The latest follows as a sequel to the original and features Michael Myers, nope, not the guy from the infamous Austin Powers movies, rather the mask-wearing murderous main character, who has been in a sanitarium for years.

Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be funny to ask parents to bring their kids to a little set for a picture with Mike, so, just like they would go for a picture with Santa, just a lot scarier and for a different holiday. Some of the kid's reactions are priceless and one very unexpected!

Take a look at the video below put together by Jimmy Kimmel Live of kids reacting to Halloween's Mike Myers photo booth.

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