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Have you ever wondered how Hollywood manages to shoot scenes on planes? Do they rent an actual plane? And what about those that get destroyed?

Insider took a trip to Hollywood to find out more about Air Hollywood – the studio that has created some of the most iconic airplane scenes in the world.

The studio gets their hands on decommissioned planes. Once they receive them, the studio takes them apart and builds them according to brief.

From single-aisle planes used for domestic flights, to double aisle planes used to showcase international flights – this studio can do it all.

The guys are also experts in turning any plane into a modern first-class, like the Emirates flight on Sex And The City 2, as well as taking everything back to the good old days like the 1970s set for The Post.

Air Hollywood also has their own Gulf Stream used for TV shows like Silicon Valley or in music videos by The Weeknd and Pit Bull.

Would you like a window seat? The studio can add any kind of background you can think of. If they want to create clouds, they simply use a fog machine, and green screens are used to cover up the windows so that any kind of background can be added digitally.

When it comes to turbulence, the studio has nailed it. The guys have built a special airbag system that literally rocks the plane from side to side or up and down – depending on how bad you want the turbulence to be.

The studio even offers an airport set with actual body scanning machines and their props department can recreate anything.

Suddenly we’re in the mood to watch all the movies featuring planes in them. Ready to fly with us?

Watch the Insider video below and get on board Air Hollywood.

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