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When you see a couple (either new or long-term), you may sometimes notice that when they hug, a guy smells their hair. It seems a little creepy but, if you know the facts, it actually makes sense.

In fact, science and biology have claimed that one of the reasons women are typically shorter than men is for that reason exactly. Pheromones, a chemical substance produced and released into the environment from both animals and humans, typically radiates from the top of the head. This substance affects the behaviour and psychology of those who smell it.

That includes attraction. 

So, after being with your girlfriend for quite some time, can you pick her out of a group and identify her based solely on her smell?

Well, these guys put it to the test. And it's a calculated risk because, as one boyfriend points out, "If I'm wrong I'm probably going to be punished after this..."

Good luck guys!

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