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Have you ever had someone you desperately wanted to meet? And what can be better than meeting than someone when they are just as excited to see you. 

That's exactly what happened to whale lover Adam Ernster on a recent expedition to Baja, Mexico. After spending years documenting whales from afar, his dream of meeting  gentle giants has finally come true. As much as he enjoyed the experience, Marguerite the whale seemed equally delighted as she made happy noises throughout the encounter. 

A video posted by Silver Shark Adventures shows an excited Ernster petting, hugging and even kissing a whale. "When you normally get behind the camera and finally get to document your dream moment with one of the most extraordinary animals  you live," the whale watching company captioned the video. "It's safe to say everyone on board has enjoyed watching Ernster transform his life  in the sun with Marguerite, one of the friendliest whales we've ever seen on our grey whale adventures."

In the footage, Ernster smiles widely while petting Marguerite before hugging and kissing the whale's barnacle head. As impressive as the video is, there is another angle from that moment that shows the whale gaining time in its life as well. In a video posted on Reddit,  original footage shows the whale making sounds that can only be described as "whale purring." 

According to the National Oceanic Service (NOS), whales make noise to communicate, find food, and find each other. "The three main types of sounds  whales make are clicking, whistling and pulsing calls," explains NOS. “Whistles and pulse bells are used in social activities. Impulse calls are more common and, to the human ear, sound like squeaks, screams, and squeaks.

In addition, in a study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, marine biologist Sam Ridgway shows that other marine mammals, such as dolphins and beluga whales, make "victory squeals" or baby sounds when  happy.

In the whale watching videos, Marguerite seems to enjoy the cuddles so much that she even goes back to being more serious. "Marguerite is known for her friendly and unpredictable demeanor and decides to return to get more attention just when Adam thinks this meeting is over," shares Silver Shark, along with a clip of Marguerite returning to Ernster's side. The man is visibly excited when he has to communicate with the whale again and say goodbye.

The experienced whale videographer captured his encounter in a lengthy video that he uploaded to YouTube. Looking back, he wrote, "This beautiful interaction is in stark contrast to the past, when these gentle creatures were hunted to extinction. Today, they display a unique curiosity about the creatures that once threatened their existence."

He adds that  these meetings great attention is paid. "The local people involved in this highly regulated event are working hard to protect the whales and their habitat, and to ensure the health and abundance of these magnificent creatures for future generations."

Ernster also welcomed the opportunity to share his love of whales with others. As more  people become aware of their beauty and kindness, more  can be done for them and their environment. "As incredible as my experience  with the Ojo de Liebre's grey whales was, seeing how others from the deep interact with these giants gave me  so much hope for the future," he said. “I am fortunate to be able to spend my days surrounded by wildlife of all kinds. This is a privilege I will never  take for granted. But to see people  from all walks of life and from all over the world travel to experience THAT connection was surreal. It makes me more grateful every day for that little blue ball.”

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