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The Best Ever Food Show on YouTube always delivers rad content. This time, it's comparing small $10 snails to giant $120 snails and some in between.

The last time we joined Sonny, he joined fellow American's who own a BBQ restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam. They were attempting to roast an entire ostrich. This time, the challenge is different. He joins a Saigon local named, Nghi Phan, as they set out to see what is better, $10 or $120 snails or those that land in between.

It's the Best Ever Food Review Show on YouTube, and Sonny travels the globe to try out adventurous food. Snails, the ones that most of us eat as a starter, seem almost dull compared to the plethora of different species and recipe's used in Vietnam.

First up, Sonny and Nghi visit a traditional roadside stall that can be found on almost every street. It is here where they'll take on their first meal. For just $10 or less, they get three courses of small snails. Stir-fried Dua snails with salt; grilled Tobacco snails with chilli sauce; and grill Mountain snails with fish sauce and fresh pepper.

Then it's off to the next location, a small eatery famous for its exotic seafood. 

They try two dishes, steamed Queen conch with ginger and stir-fried Queen conch with sate chilli. The two servings, made from the same conch, cost $52.

Finally, they travel to an upmarket restaurant that is packed full of aquariums filled with live seafood. In one of the aquariums is what they're looking for, a giant Melo Melo snail whose cooked meat weighs an impressive 1.1 kilograms.

The snail, once boiled, is cut in half, with the head turned into a stir-fried Melo Melo with spicy butter sauce. The rest of the snail becomes a Melo Melo and shredded banana flower salad. These two servings cost $120, an eye-watering amount of money for most.

With their mission complete, what will Sonny and Nghi think? To find out, hit the play button below. Heck, even if you don't like snails, you'll probably find this interesting!

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