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These crazy American's decided to cook an ostrich whole. Can it be done, or is this a challenge to large? Let's find out!

We join YouTubers, the Best Ever Food Review Show, and their host and food expert, Sonny Side, in Saigon, Vietnam. He is at an American-style barbeque restaurant called Quan Ut Ut with pitmaster, Mark, and R&D chef, Jamie. They've also got their team called The Meat Squad to help out with this big job.

Their mission? They want to be the first people to roast a whole ostrich. No big deal, right, they're just large chickens? Well, no. If you've never seen one of these flightless birds in the flesh, then you're in for a shock. When it was still alive, it weighed 105kg's. That's over 230lbs. Once prepared for cooking, it weighs in at 55kg's, or 110lbs.

The cooking will take place in three stages. The first stage will see our plucked poultry soak in brine for 26 hours. Then, stage two, smoking in the wood oven for two hours. Finally, a 16-hour braise at a low heat to prevent the meat from drying out.

Here, in sunny South Africa, we have easy access to ostrich meat, We don't sit around the fire with massive drumsticks like Asterix and Obelix, though. Nope, instead, the ostrich is butchered into lean steaks and goulash for us to prepare however we like.

Unlike its chicken and turkey buddies, ostrich meat is red, the layers of fat are far more pronounced, and the taste is a tad richer. All the things that Mark has kept in mind for the cooking process. In the meantime, Jamie has a go at frying an ostrich egg and then preparing a deviled egg.

One egg, on average, weighs 1.3kg or 3lbs, over 20 times that of a chicken egg. They're relatively robust too, which makes cracking them open more difficult. Even boiling them is difficult to time because of their size.

They also prepare the world's most enormous buffalo wings, and they are huge! It's actually scary to see them in comparison to a regular chicken wing. They look otherworldly too.

To see if they got it right, and to find out what Sonny and other patrons think of the ostrich meat, then smash the play button on the video below. Prepare yourself, a de-feathered ostrich is not something you see every day!

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