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There are many good people in the world, and it's always heartwarming when good karma comes their way.

In a world where people are so absorbed by their own lives, it's refreshing to see acts of kindness from selfless people who ask for nothing in return. It's humans like these that warm the heart.

In the video below by YouTube Channel, BE AMAZED, we hear the stories of people who have done something good that was then repaid by karma in the best possible way.

For instance, Glen James had been homeless for 12 years. When he stumbled across a lost bag in a Boston shopping mall, he discovered it contained over $42,000 in cash and traveller's cheques, a passport and personal paperwork. Instead of keeping the treasure, Glen decided to hand it over to the police. This gesture would change the course of his life forever.

When the bag was returned to its owner, a Chinese student who had misplaced it while shopping, word spread about Glen's honesty. This led to an online fundraiser being created for him that raised $150,000 in just three weeks.

There are other stories too. Once, a lady saved a four-year-old boy from drowning in the sea. Years later, when the boy was a teenager, he was walking along the same beach where he was saved all those years earlier. He noticed a gentleman who was struggling in the tide, exhausted and about to go under. He jumped into action and saved the man's life, and when they returned to shore, he recognised the wife of the man he just saved as the same lady who rescued him when he was four.

There are many more of these heartwarming stories in the video below. So get out the tissues and watch when good karma comes for good people.

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