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Sure, we’ve all been on flights with a weirdo or two onboard, but have you ever been the only passenger onboard a flight? As in no other people, luggage or cargo. Just you and the aircraft crew. This happened to one passenger after an entire flight was rebooked on another plane, but they forgot about him.

This and some other irregular stuff has happened to regular people out there. Like having a massive dog sitting in the seat in front of you. Some airlines allow people to travel with their dogs, even if they’re just pets and not guide dogs.

Besides the weird people and weird stuff, you also get to fly with a genius every now and again. Like a guy who folded his regular newspaper into a well-balanced phone holder to watch movies on a short local flight.

If only we could all be as lucky as the person who just happened to sit in a seat where the seat in front of them was removed for some or other reason. Imagine we all had that luxurious leg space of not having a seat in front of us.

While some flights can be challenging, in-flight entertainment usually helps to make it less painful. But not if you’re subjected to the only in-flight entertainment there is: Two long hours filled with Tom & Jerry cartoons.

We all know how cramped and uninspiring a bathroom on a plane can be. Imagine getting into the bathroom to find you will be doing your business with a view thanks to a window.

Watch the Scoop video below for all of these and more interesting things that have happened on planes.

Image credit: CNN 

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