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Renting a cabin in the wild outdoors can become pretty wild, especially when the black bears of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee come out of hibernation.

Just recently, Todd Terbony was sipping his morning coffee on the porch of his rental cabin in Gaitlinburg, when a young black bear climbed up to join him, reports Southern Living.

The bear was playing with another bear when it decided that it would rather play with the humans. When the bear climbed onto the porch, Terbony went inside but he started recording the hilarious encounter.

The bear went ahead and dragged the hot tub’s cover off before it got into it and sat there like a human. Terbony can be overheard saying to his wife "he's just having a blast".

Even when Terbony opened the door to get a better shot, the bear just looked in his direction but didn't even flinch or try to attack him. He did however try to eat the hot tub's filter, but luckily stopped and went back to "having a blast".

Watch the Storyful Rights Management video below to see how this wild bear was caught relaxing in a hot tub out in Tennessee.

Image credit: Daily Mail

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