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When you become an adult, there's no more messing around when it comes to money – you have to face it... It's time to start budgeting.

Making a budget when you first enter adulthood can be difficult because it's the first time you've had to decide (all by yourself) what is really important. And, in doing so, having to figure out what you're gonna have to sacrifice.

... No more random shopping sprees for shoes, I'm afraid :(

But there are many different adults who find themselves in different situations. In this case, we look at budgeting when you're married vs. when you're single. 

It's very different... If you're married, you have to factor in another person into all spending decisions. If you're single, you just think for yourself – which is actually even harder!

So if you're having some trouble starting out when it comes to budgeting – you might find some tips in here. If not, we promise you'll be entertained anyway!

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