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Reaching 100 is no easy task, and as a community we are fortunate that these people are still with us, sharing their stories and wisdom. But how to get far? Some say they exercise, others say they are healthy. However, the secret to the longevity of Ada Daniel, who lived to the age of 108, was raising dogs instead of having children. Daniel rose to fame while living in a nursing home in Derbyshire, England. Activities manager Kelly Goucher knows him as “always a strong person” and remembers a conversation he had with the centenarian. "I once asked him what his secret was and he told me he didn't raise children, but puppies."

Instead of not having children, Danielle and her late husband enjoy spending time with their favourite pets. "He has a lot of greyhounds. He lives on Street Lane in Ripley and all his greyhounds are named Street Lane," Goucher said, nodding to Daniel's charm. Her dogs keep her active and healthy. He enjoyed walking every day until he was 97 and did not enter a nursing home until he was 103. Despite his age, Daniel never stopped being happy about his birthday on June 1st. Before his 105th birthday, staff at the nursing home where he lived asked people to send him cards. The call to action is a success, the tradition of which we continue every year. In 2023, Daniel received 300 cards and a special greeting message. Prince Charles and Queen Camilla also wished him a happy birthday.

Daniel passed away in October 2023 after a long and loving life. He will be missed for his sense of humour and personality. Although 108 is certainly a good number, he is far from being the oldest person in England. This record is currently held by Ethel May Caterham, born in 1909, making her 114 years old.

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