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Want to get the job done right? Then ask a woman.

A video has gone viral where three men tried their best to open what seems to be a big jar of pickled onions. While they line up in the kitchen to open the jar using all kinds of kitchen towels and even their shirts, they totally fail.

In the background, you can see a woman watching as the men try to outdo each other. She patiently waits for them to finish when it seems she can’t stand around and watch them fail any longer.

She interjects, turns the jar on its side and then taps it gently on the counter a few times. Then she turns it the right way up again, opens the lid and walks off.

We’re sure that she would have dropped the mic if she had one.

So, why could she open it and the men couldn’t? Well, it could be because there’s a massive air bubble creating a vacuum that keeps the lid from opening. She simply shifted the air bubble when she tapped the jar against the counter.

Watch the RM Videos video below to see how the woman pops open a jar lid that three men couldn’t.

Image credit: Taste of home

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