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Sports are competitive and can get aggressive, however, at this year’s World Sports Photography Awards 2022, a photographer showed a very different and unique side of sports. This year’s amazing photo was captured by sport photographer David Gray and captures a beautiful moment of tennis star Naomi Osaka rescuing a butterfly. 

Playing with shadow, Gray was able to snap the perfect winning image during the Australian Open, when a butterfly landed on her dressed.

Professional sports photographers from around the world was honoured for their amazing work during the contest. These specialised photojournalists documented moments of athleticism, strength, and talent. 24 photographers, each in a different sport category where chosen as the winners of a sport group, with Gray taking the World Sport Photo of the year. More than 7,000 images were submitted across categories like Basketball, Racquet Sports, Water, and Gymnastics.

Sophie Collins, chief marketing officer at MPB, shared, “I was incredibly impressed by the quality of this year's entries. Photography captures a moment in time, the emotion, the ups and downs. It tells a story that has the power to change how the viewer feels and inspires them.”

Not only are these winning images technically sound, but they showcase a unique look into the world of sports, taking you into the moment, whether it's a time of action, a quiet moment of reflection, or a joyful celebration.

Here are some more of the winning photographs from the different sports categories.

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