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Two anchors based in Washington, Jeannette Reyes and Robert Burton, recently welcomes their baby into the world. Having a baby is good news, and who better than to report on this good news and the challenges than the two reporter parents.The newly parents decided to use their talent of their career path with the new life of parenthood to create a hilarious parody video. The video was narrated with the same inflection and seriousness as a typical news broadcast, which made it a whole lot funnier. The video starts off with Reyes waking up her baby and saying, “Good morning, Bella! It's 9:52. Hopefully you slept well. Certainly, no one else did, but we're not going to point any fingers.” After that point the video cuts to Burton, who exits a building to deliver a report on the weather. “Well, JR, [it's a] beautiful day outside. As you can see, temps in the mid-80s, no humidity. Will we get to enjoy it?” he asks.However, things gets way more comical from here. Just as you would wonder if the new parents would be able to enjoy the beautiful day, they report on “an explosion at the diaper station.” Reyes is looking seriously at the camera as she says, “Fortunately, no injuries have been reported and authorities tell us they do have a suspect in custody.” Her statement was then followed by an adorable close-up of their baby, Bella, who is the “suspect” in question. Later, Reyes delivers another humorous performance, as she recites “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in the recognisable news anchor intonation, transforming the song into its own bit of news.

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