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During halloween we introduce tall tales of scary stories and mysteries and off course horror and thriller films to get the adrenaline pumping or more like the scare crows jumping. 

There is one little film we have to bring up, a very creepy stop motion animation called “Doll Daisy in Hearts and Flowers” which was made in 1930.

This interesting tale tells the story of a pair of suitors who separately see Daisy changing through her window and decided that each man wanted her for himself. However, no one got what they wanted except maybe Daisy in the end. The whole story was shot frame by frame dolls in black and white, giving it a creepy, almost sinister, feel.

Famous Warner Brothers initially released the animation as part of the Vitaphone Varieties animation series. “Doll Daisy in Hearts and Flowers” was directed by Howard Moss back in the day. He also directed the rest of the series. 

The animation was nearly lost, however, animator Mark Kausler was able to rescue the footage, although the soundtrack was lost.

“This nearly lost short was released by Warner Brothers as part of its varieties series. The sound track, on Vitaphone disc, remains lost. The film remains for us to enjoy, thanks to the preservation efforts of Mark Kausler.” He added that, “The original soundtrack for this film is missing so I added a piece of music that shares its title.”

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