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Adorable 5-year-old terrier, Ruben takes his nap time very seriously and makes sure to pick out the most perfect spot for his beloved naps. It seems like it might just be his most favourite thing to do. David Harsanyi, Ruben’s human shared that "His favourite hobbies are sleeping and barking at strangers — but mostly sleeping." Seeing that it is his most favourite thing to do, it could be understandable if he gets a bit dramatic if that favourite thing is disturbed. With his human working from home, Ruben gets to spend a lot of time with him, which usually lead to Ruben trying to get some sleep in while being close to his dad.

"Ruben likes to sleep by — or, preferably, on — my feet," Harsanyi explained. From time to time Harsanyi has to disturb Ruben’s nap, who then also decides to make a move around in sleeping spots. "When I go upstairs he tends to camp out on the landing so he can monitor what’s going throughout the house," Harsanyi said.

However, his favourite spot to move to is at the bottom of a set of the steps, and usually on his back usually giving his human quite a scare at first glance. “My dog loves sleeping at the bottom of the stairs," Harsanyi wrote recently on Twitter, "but it always looks like he perished in a terrible accident.”

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