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For a cat, Roswell is considered to be very social as he absolutely loves making new friends. He even found his best friend recently and almost instantly. However, this new friendship really came as a surprise to his family. While out shopping for her most favourite holiday, Halloween, Roswell’s mom, Lindsey Kuzmin, spotted a skeleton cat Halloween decoration and couldn’t resist buying it. She loves to decorate for this holiday and what better way to do it than with something that pays tribute to her feline friends.

While still trying to decide where to put it, Lindsey decided that it might be fun to show it to Roswell first and see his reaction to a skeleton look-a-like. However, instead of the shocked and maybe the hissing reaction one would expect, Roswell instantly became friends with the skeleton cat. “He immediately ran right up to it and started sniffing it. Within a few minutes, he was licking it like he was trying to groom it and kept brushing up against it. I wasn't expecting him to be quite so friendly with the skeleton cat right away, but he absolutely loves it.”

Roswell now spends almost all of his time everyday with his new skeleton friend. Lindsey eventually found a place in her office for the skeleton cat, which is also where Roswell spends most of his time.“He'll walk by it and brush up against it like he's saying hi, and will sometimes give it kisses too.” Roswell also takes his new friend along for his favourite activity which is his rides in his stroller. Lindsey never imagined that the skeleton cat she bought would become such a fixture in her home. “The skeleton cat is like family now, so I'll be keeping it around all year,” she said.

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