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While driving down a remote stretch of the highway in Alberta Canada, Emerice Hallock and her brother noticed something unusual on the side of the road. Between the bushes was a bright white figure standing alone. Initially, Hallock thought that the strange figure could be a rock as she wasn’t able to have a clear view. Hallock’s brother pleaded to turn around and to go and have a closer look. Upon inspecting the white unknown, he realised the remarkable truth. Hallock recalled, “He was telling me to turn around. He said he saw an albino porcupine. I was like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ But he was freaking out, so I turned around.”

And it soon became very clear that Hallock’s brother wasn’t just seeing things. Sure enough, he spotted a very rare animal - an albino porcupine. The condition is said to occur in only about 1 out of 10,000 porcupines. “It was crazy, honestly,” Hallock said.

The adorable white fur and white pecks porcupine appeared to be healthy and happy as shuffled through the brushes. It was almost as if he knew what a gem he is. The little guy just went on with his business and eventually when he had enough exposure, he went back into the surrounding forest, evidently satisfied that his bold and brilliant appearance to passersby. “It definitely will be something I remember,” said Hallock.

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