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Lord of the Rings has been a huge topic of discussion for several decades. The ultimate story which was written by author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien in 1954, has been turned into a several movies and has seen the recent release of a series. It is no secret that to the day, the Lord of the Rings’ popularity is still thriving. The Lord of the Rings has been one of the most unique and remarkable stories written, which even included its very own language known as Elvish. For those who didn’t know, this intriguing language was also created and written by J. R. R. Tolkien. The great English writer and philologist, J. R. R. Tolkien explained the remarkable popularity of his book, The Lord of the Rings during a 1968 BBC special Tolkien in Oxford, and how it was more widely read than The Hobbit. 

He also revealed how he got his inspiration for Middle Earth locations, how the Elvish language came to be and even showcased a bit of Elvish script. “All I’m doing now is do try and write in Elvish. I think my writing is very inferior to the elves. The standard greeting when meeting is ‘a star shines upon our meeting’”.

Tolkien also spoke about the allegories that have been attributed to his writing, all of which he firmly denied. He explained, “Many people applied to a nuclear… The Ring to particularly to the nuclear bomb. They think that was in my mind, is that the whole thing is on an allegory of it. Well it isn’t. …The story is frankly always a human story. It’s back to always about one thing on that. Death, the inevitability of death.”

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