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Live television can throw out funny curveballs every now and again. But, sometimes, odd things happen that nobody can explain. Here are 30 creepiest moments recorded on live TV.

We've all seen the recordings of crazy things that have happened on live television. The journalist who got hit in the face with a fish while reporting on a hurricane comes to mind. Or the baseball player who instinctively caught a wild baseball, inches before it hit his interviewer in the face at full speed.

However, other things happen on live TV that isn't always immediately apparent, or simply can't be explained. They are creepy and unusual, and often create a stir, especially with the conspiratory theorists.

In the video below, YouTube channel, Top10s, covers the 30 creepiest moments recorded on live TV. From reptiles disguised as TV news anchors to ghosts running through the crowd at a soccer game. There's bigfoot, a perverted game show host and unwanted stalkers, not to mention hostage situations and CCTV footage of aliens and UFOs.

All-in-all, some of these are weird, others are spooky, but one think's for sure, these 30 creepiest moments recorded on live TV will have you scratching your head.

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