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It's an unexplainable science... but there are things that guys do that us girls just LOVE. You might not even think what you're doing is making a difference, or even being noticed, but for some absurd reason – it is.  

So, boys, it's time to grab a pen and paper and take some notes. Because we are about to reveal 5 things you do that girls LOVE! Honestly, they might even love you more for grabbing that pen and paper. Who knows. We're fucking weird. 

It's things you wouldn't even think of...

I mean, calling us "baby" or "beautiful" makes us adore you – but on very different levels. Calling us "beautiful" in a greeting when you come home is sweet, but calling us "sweetheart" in front of your friends is HOT AF!

And there's just something about the way you give a surprise hug from behind – especially the jealous look you get from your friends who think your boyfriend is WAY better than theirs. That's pretty much the biggest relationship goals girls have!

These 5 things are a bit crazy, and even we don't know why we love them... But you better write these down to better your chances!

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