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Make this festive season the best one ever with these 30 smart Christmas hacks!

Not all of us are good at wrapping gifts. In fact, I've been known to use newspaper and a kilogram of sticky tape to hide the presents I've got for other people. Nowadays, gift bags are a popular choice for those of us who are gift-wrap challenged.

But, what if you want to surprise everyone with a gift, wrapped with flair and elegance? Well, you've come to the right place! In the video by 5-Minute Crafts below, they show us how to origami the heck out of wrapping paper.

There's an excellent way to wrap jeans that'll leave the lucky recipient gobsmacked. And, how about the ingenious wrapping of a large chocolate bar? It looks like it's wearing a suit, how cool! Bottles? Easy too!

But, it's not only objects that can be wrapped elegantly, there are a couple of options to make that lame-looking gift card seem more exciting than it is. Not to mention learning how to make elegant bows and cute sweet holders.

Then, it's time to learn how to make Christmas appetizers without breaking the bank. It's simple enough that you don't even need to be a pro at baking to get them right!

Last up are a few how-to's that detail the creation of Christmas ornaments and garland. All you'll need is a few different types of pasta, ribbon, beads, spray paint and a glue gun. It's so easy, you could make a day of it with the kids.

So, if you want to make this year's Christmas the best one yet, then simply press play on the video below and get your hack on!

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