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Christmas is quite literally around the corner and if you haven't found a gift for your loved ones yet, fear not! These gifts will be sure to get a laugh out of anyone (provided they have a good sense of humour), so this is a list of some of the strangest Christmas presents out there.

  1. A chocolate mould of your anus. No, this is not a joke. It is even neatly presented in a box that looks eerily similar to a ring box. Let's just hope your girlfriend isnt expecting a proposal and then out comes a box of your asshole! A company called "Edible Anus" will take the mould and set it in chocolate for you for $10.
  2. Moguard, the moustache guard for those who aren't such a fan of getting a beer–stained moustache. This product is solving hairy men's problems all over the world! now you can drink beer and still have a luscious moustache.
  3. A beverage dispenser that pours your drink through the genitalia of a chubby old man. You have to write in a Christmas card signed off with "urine for a treat with my gift". You just gotta!
  4. Pre–stained skid mark underwear that is completely gross and inappropriate but looks scarily realistic.
  5. A runny nose soap dispenser that oozes green soap out the nostril when you press it. I hope you're not squeamish because this is enough to make your skin crawl.
  6. A ring with a mohawk on it. Just enough hair to make people think you have gorilla knuckles but still neatly shaped into a mohawk. It is completely possible that this ring is for people who aren't able to grow a mohawk but don't want the FOMO.
  7. Pickle bandages for your boo–boo. Have a friend that is absolutely obsessed with pickles? They will adore these bandages that will allow them to decorate their body with pictures of pickles. It may be weird but no one can deny it's originality!
  8. An ice tray that freezes ice in the shape of false teeth, just to freak out your guests enough so they pretend to be going to the toilet when, really, they are trying to find a way to escape.
  9. Who needs soothing lip balm when you can have the burning feeling of wasabi stinging your lips for the rest of the day? Perfect for those sushi–lovers.
  10. A modern nativity scene fit with wise men riding sedgeways and Mary taking a selfie with her newborn child. Of course, Joseph is there editing the photo to post on Insta!

What is the weirdest Christmas gift you have ever received?

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