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John Cessna was away over the Christmas period of 2008 as one sometimes does when they grow up. But, his mother was not so impressed when he had to miss the family Christmas photoshoot that she would send out as Christmas cards. Knowing that, as a university students do, he would likely be celebrating Christmas in a bar with his friends, she jokingly suggested that he sober up and send out his own Christmas cards.

Well, he took it to heart and started to get creative but it has never failed to bring a smile to everyone's faces. as the years pass, the cards have gotten more absurd which his mother wasn't such a fan of at first. After a couple of years, she gave in and admitted they were pretty funny. He now has a whole cast, crew and collaborators to help him create his ridiculous Christmas cards.

Would you just love to receive one of these?

The video below might give you some helpful tips on poking fun at your loved one with some brilliantly funny cards.

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