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Older Instagram users have proven once again that anyone can become 'Insta-famous', no matter what stage of their life they are at. 

From an adorable octogenarian who documents his daily life at the age of 86 years to a perfectly matched married couple, these figures are redefining what it means to be an influencer.

Now, the latest senior to become Insta-famous is 84-year-old Tetsuya, a retired chemistry teacher. As one can expect from an Instagrammer, Tetsuya's Instagram profile features show-stopping photos showing off fashion outfits to his large following. 

With his wide range of fashion outfits, Tetsuya definitely knows what it takes to make it to the top rank of Instagram. From full-leather ensembles to meticulously layered looks.

You may wonder how he got his sense of today's fashion, with such an avant-garde wardrobe that may seem unusual for an 84-year-old. But, the truth is, Tetsuya has had some help in the clothing department. You see, all his clothing actually belongs to his fashionable grandson, Naoya Kudo. 

While on a visit back home to Akita Prefecture for a week-long holiday, Kudo decided to play dress-up with his grandfather. To Kudo's delight, Gramps was happy to be a model. 

And who would have thought that an 84-year-old would look so jaw-dropping while pulling of contemporary fashion?

"He was surprisingly enthusiastic about it. He gave a lot of suggestions about where to shoot and other things." Some of the locations he suggested were local beaches, fields, and the middle school where Tetsuya once worked.

Tetsuya's family "went wild" when they saw him all dressed up in the new fashion outfits. This positive response, however, was not limited to close relatives. Over 67,000 Instagram users soon began following Tetsuya, amazed by how Tetsuya made each ensemble entirely his own.

"It was quite a transformation to see my rural grandpa, who has no interest in fashion, in outfits he would never consider wearing on his own. However, things like my grandpa's long johns and muscle pain patches he forgot to remove added a nice personal touch."

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